About Us

Fountain Financial,LLC provides a customized, unique excellence, servicing each client and their family in a personally valuable way.

Our spirit for client success is unmatched, remaining focused on thorough and effective analysis, advice and improvement. At Fountain Financial, we combine the key understandings of both legal and business viewpoints when solving financial problems. We are advisors, we are educators and we will add Value to your family success.

Our strategy and approach to team building is a beacon in the business management industry. We are your extra eyes and ears, always communicating to ensure aligned performance, focused on of your long term financial well-being. Building a relationship with our Clients based on trust, communication and competence is our core value.


At Fountain Financial, LLC, we pride ourselves on having a broad based and diverse view of the world and believe in sharing this with you. Our staff and partners come from all walks of life and backgrounds and are always available to lend their experiences as guidance for your decisions. Communication and constant improvement is a key aspect of our Methodology. We never lose sight of goals.


Who We Are

Fountain Financial, LLC is a boutique business management firm, composed of professional specialists, dedicated to our clients prosperity in the short and long term.Founded in 2001 by Josh Zeide, an attorney with extensive legal, business and financial expertise, Fountain Financial has served Hall of Fame athletes, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Wall Street icons and other top flight Entertainers in the Film, Music and Technology industries for decades.

Our Services

Estate Planning

Administration Strategy, Wills – Trusts, Wealth Transfer, Retirement Planning

Business Operations

Financial Reporting, Mergers – Acquisitions, Ownership Structure, Due Dilligence


Planning – Preperation, Compliance, Risk Management, Active Management


Oversight, Goals Assessment, Hard Asset Management, Continuing Education – PlanningLife, Health, Disability, Casuality


Planning – Development, Governance – Administration, Due Diligence, Tax Compliance


Risk Management, Asset Allocation, Performance Monitoring, Due Diligence

Our Clients

Our clients come from various industries including technology, finance, real estate, entertainment and sports. We take the privacy of our clients seriously. Upon further request, we are happy to arrange your learning more on the value of our services directly from our existing clientele.

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